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2003-06-24 - 10:16 p.m.

Today I was very, very tired.

And then the bantam weight hispanic who works at the front desk and is also a cheerleader (nuf said) came gushing out with a new Swedish swim instructor. It was a moment of pure comedy. Grand sweeping gestures. Effusive offers of help. Barely audible gossip. It was very entertaining.

So, now I'm not so tired. But still. It was hot. Not much of a breeze.

I'm reduced to talking about the weather. Because I don't want to talk about my life or anything. Because I liked when it was on hold. And though it wasn't all that great, it was certainly easier than now, when I am trying to get back up some inertia so that I can resume. Not necesarily the same life I had before. Or even something similar. No, I have no real idea what kind of life I want to start up again.

It makes for a very bipolar pool watching experience.

Luckily I have an airconditioned house and a very nice dog to soothe out the frantic pace of the real world outside.

I had a million things to say while walking the dog. Now, facing the keyboard and the Add Entry screen my mind no longer wants to cooperate, latching instead on the thought of cool showers and sheets made icy by climate control.

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