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2003-07-30 - 3:20 p.m.

I was thinking today, which is rare lately. I was thinking of making ďMy MovieĒ. Which would have all the things that I find funny and amusing, and all that in life.

It would have the soundtrack of the century. It would have included James ďLaidĒ but unfortunately that has been covered by the American Pie people. I would destroy them for that, but Iíll just let it go. Because Iím like that sometimes. And other times, not.

So, this movie. It would have talking dogs. Because that is just funny. And people would get shot with tranquilizer darts. A rather serious moment would end as a brightly feathered dart hit a protagonist in the neck. Or a group would get up to take action, save for one member, slumbering peacefully. Perhaps talking dogs would be running with characters who would stumble, roll, and end up with their ass in the air and the aforementioned feathered dart.

Iím giggling to myself now, just thinking about it all.

Iím sure that no one would watch this movie. Well, maybe Patradino would if it was on late at night and she had gas or something. And Weetabix would go and leave early, shaking her head. And the TwoBobs would write scathing comments about it on their webpage, but still be bitter because even if it bombs, Iíd still have enough left over to purchase an Audi. And Tink would sign my guestbook with a snug for every bad review. I should link those people. Should being the operative word. If they are linked, good for me. If they are not, well, Iím sorry. Consider it homework.

So, I donít update much. Mainly because I donít have a lot of time. Or make a lot of time. I also donít have the most reliable internet. The dial up life is not for me. Iíve actually been plodding along at the speed of dial up it seems, at least this summer. Iím hoping once I start school in the fall Iíll manage to pull myself up out of this funk. Although itís more of a Disco Funk than say the smell that emanates from a homeless person that has passed out from Blood Alcohol Levels.

Iíve been reading a lot of books. And not responding to emails. Iíve recently become a fan of Haruki Murakami. Which made me just give up. Very few authors have had that effect on me. Just give up writing because nothing I can do will ever compare. John Irving. Jincey Willet. And now Murakami. If you donít know who he is, well, Iím sorry. He is a Japanese writer. Anyway, I like him. Iím also reading the Harry Potter books. Because I bow to peer pressure now. Yes, itís true. Iím part of the pack instead of running ahead of it.

I apologize for sounding defeated. Iím not. Iím not even deflated. I just am. As tacky as that sounds.

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