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2003-09-22 - 1:36 p.m.

I have had far too little sleep in the past couple of days. I've tried catching up whenever I could, stolen naps here and there. On transit, waiting for family, at lunch.

It's not. The bags underneath my eyes appear as if they were deployed to protect me from a collision and my reflexes and reaction times are that of a small child.

Or someone with an 87 I.Q.

It's very warm, which is part of the problem. My office is not air conditioned and thus I suffer in this heat. For a while I had a portable cooler but it has been taken back by the office that it came from.

I'm also dieting. So I'm crankier than usual. And I really despise diet drinks. They taste like crap. As does decaffeniated tea. I miss my grape Gatorade as well. My goal is a 36" waist and a Large at the Gap, so I'm really talking a few sizes down.

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