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2003-10-06 - 5:12 p.m.

So, I managed to catch the train.

Yes, excitement and what not. And I was not hassled. Which was good.

This was also over a week ago. I'm very, very behind.

This morning I was inking my stamp (and no, that isn't a euphanism for anything tawdry, unfortunatly) when there was a mishap and ink got all over the place. I swear that isn't a euphanism for anything. Now I have stains all over my desk and my hands. I think I'll give up about the euphanism thing at this point.

Anyway, there was a mess. My boss arrived and just shook his head. The prior holder of this job gave off the illusion of organization. I don't do that. In fact, my illusion seems to be one of careening desperation. Oh wait, that's not an illusion.

Alas, if only there was a man behind the curtain that no one would pay attention to. Or better yet, if there was a red pill I could take and swap out this "reality" for reality. Not that life would be any easier, it would just not be the same. And right now I'm not sure if that would be good or bad.

I'm not drunk, I just really need a nap. I'm a bit worn out lately. By work and school and the lack of any real social interaction. That isn't related to school or work. The lack of a working computer at home is also a bit of a distraction, not that I am usually distracted by it or anything, I'm gone all the time. I fear though that I'm approaching Lifetime Movie of the Week status however, where the adverstity will build and I'll either overcome it or die and thus force my children to overcome it but then I realize that I'm not an aging sitcom actress who desperantly wants an Emmy and breathe a sigh of relief and go get a Guinness. Because for whatever reason, the world doesn't tend to judge the slob at the bar who can't spell. They just say a brief prayer of thanks to whatever diety or Madonna incarnation they worship that it's not them and move on.

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