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2003-10-12 - 3:06 p.m.

I'm sweaty and I smell of beef.

This is not the most attractive of things for me. Trust me.

Also, it's fleet week here in lovely SF and everyone is out trying to pick up sailors.

I attended a BBQ this afternoon. I was grilling away. The smoke followed me, leaving me sounding like a washed up prostitute. Who happened to be nearsighted. Again, it was not the most attractive of things for me.

I was driving along Market Street this afternoon and there were a crowd of Goth's lined up for Marilyn Manson this evening. All that black. I felt it was ironic, all those troubled souls lined up looking alike. I should go back in some coordinated Ralph Lauren Ensemble and stand in line. Just for the photo op. I shouldn't really poke fun at the Goth's, it's too easy anyway.

And that is my Sunday. My life is just so full.

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