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2003-11-20 - 11:16 p.m.

I used to be more connected. To the internet, to pop culture, everything. I knew what was hip and where things were most likely going and what to wear, listen to and read in order to be just ahead of the pack. But not anymore. I don't have internet access at home anymore. I have not bothered setting up the cable in my room. I sold my Tivo. I haven't read a Spun or a Maxim since journalcon and didn't recognize any of the acts and authors within those tacky and decadent glossies. I can't explain this slower pace. It seems like it just happened and now I'm merely average.

I don't know what to make of this. I feel like I used to be witty and tongue in cheeck. I could make wry comments that both mocked and celebrated my victims. I used to bake. I used to dream of a tattoed sleave, at odds with my preppiness and middle manegement position. But then I changed things. And stopped trying. And so I find myself adrift. Shocked that Paris Hilton was in a porn tape. Glued to MSNBC coverage of the unfolding Micheal Jackson story. (Aparantly that's what the M in MSNBC stands for. I actually started making a fairly rude acronym. Which I'll refrain from typing here) Bewildered by the sudden emergance of Something Corporate and Saves the Day on MTV. I think I'm getting old.

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