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2003-12-24 - 12:16 p.m.

I have a love-hate relationship with shopping. Only at the moment because my cashflow isnít the raging torrent that I would like, but rather a tiny trickle taken by those upriver. A tsunami of money wouldnít be met with fear at the moment, oh no. It can wipe out the working poor along my shores and leave me with space t upgrade my infastructure to luxury high rises and hotels.

I escaped for an early lunch this morning, to go goody shopping in Chinatown. Found stuff for most of the family members to shove into their socks. This afternoon if things go as planned I will hit up Japantown. I keep meaning to look for The Soap while Iím there, seeing as itís all the rage on the internet these days and having a local supply to dole out to people might be fun. Although I have so many projects to finish in the brief hours before Christmas that I have no real idea how I am going to accomplish them. Stupid physics and laws. Actually, no. Itís stupid work. I will fall back to the old standby. Things are slower, which has allowed me to cling to the illusion that I am caught up with things. On track. And not in a calm before the storm that is normally the days between the statements going to the mail center and actually arriving at peopleís homes. Such is the cycle of my life. Month end deadlines and a hundred phone calls a day.

Youíre jealous. I can tell.

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