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2004-03-09 - 9:25 p.m.

I did call in sick yesterday. The irony? I was actually sick.

Stupid allergies. Lovely happy pills however. I spent the day snoozing in the heat and generally accomplishing nothing. I managed to pull it together enough to hit up school, mainly because it was Music Video Night in my production class, but I faded and left after break.

We actually watched the best video ever, it was for Erasure's Make Me Smile, and it was good.

I spent most of today playing catch up. Not very good catch up, but at least it was climate controlled. The nice thing about working in the middle of a converted parking garage is that there are no distractions to make one question the validity of employment. It's also kind of bad form to complaign about the gorgeous weather when the rest of the country has freezing rain.

Any guilt that I may feel about this, will soon evaporate as I've taken a happy pill and think I'll go to bed.

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