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2004-03-23 - 6:42 p.m.

I left work at 4 today to see Eternal Sunshine. I don't have any idea how I feel about this movie. It was technically a perfect film, all the lighting and set design and acting and all those myriad of peices that come together to make a film were there. But I was left after it was all done with, So? I did like the film. There was some wonderful tricks with video and film and it was very clever. But I'm still not sure that the total is the sum of more than its parts. Or whatever the phrasing is.

After I left the film, I got hit on. Twice. A (possibly drunk) girl asked to feel my curls on the Cable Car. She then went on to giggle about the whole experience with her friend, while I blushed furiously. I ended up getting off the trolley in Chinatown and walking the rest of the way back to work. I stopped by the Safeway to avoid the stiffling nature of my office and while perusing the beverage aisle a woman asked me some advice about which beer she should get and then invited me to a get together. She might have been from a cult. Or lonely. She was probably 40. And I felt a little strange turning her down. And almost guilty. It struck me how incredibly desperate someone has to be in that situation. Who invites total strangers to parties. How would you explain, Oh, this is Jake. We just met in the Beverage Aisle at Safeway. He suggested the Pacifico. It just made me depressed. At least it was a woman. I couldn't have handled a same sex encounter. Beverage aisle or otherwise.

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