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2004-05-06 - 7:23 p.m.

Tomorrow I'm making a brief return to the Golden State to finalize some things that should have been done before I left, but I'm lazy. And I think that subconciously I didn't want to seperate myself from the state that I called home.

I'm nervous to be going back. I was more anxious, but my sister got engaged yesterday so I'm a bit off the hook. There will be no attention spent on me, instead she will suck up the limelight like a black hole. Complete with crazy red robot with propellor hands.

I'm letting myself go a little bit, I think. Or worry. I haven't worked out once since I got here. Not even my brain. I still have unpacking to do. I'm kind of in a stasis, I suppose. I haven't opened any mail. I haven't paid any bills, I haven't done anything towards solving any personal predicaments. It's a bit troublesome. But not troublesome enough to get me off my ass when I get home. We shall see where it pans out.

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