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2004-05-10 - 7:05 p.m.

My eyes are sandblasted. Or so it feels like. The wind picked up this afternoon and deposited enough sand to, do something. I don't know. I was hoping that they would have scoured away some fine lines, natures dermabrasion, but alas. Those pesky crows feet mocked me just now in the bathroom mirror.

I had a nice weekend. I recieved complimentary gifts and caught up with old friends. Rebuked job offers that I shouldn't have and mocked people that didn't deserve it. The only drawback it seems is that I seem to be having some sort of, er, problem. Basically it feels like soemone took my lower intestines and squeezed them clean like Chorizo. It's not good. On the plane home I was reading a details article by Augusteen Burroughs about the proper etiquette for dumping in public, which I found very apropros.

And that's it. I should probably go back and attempt to be clever but my eyes, they just won't let me.

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