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2004-05-27 - 2:48 p.m.

I cut myself with a razor blade this morning. It was an accident, not for reasons that my friend Wendy suggests.

It hurts like hell. Especially when paint thinners are involved.

Stupid Thinners.

In other news, I went to the dollar store to purchase some Journalcon Swag. And, because I was buying in bulk, got bitched out by a fellow customer. "You can't buy all those!" she screamed at me, frantically looking around for a dollar store employee. "Those are for CHILDREN". Which is why I was buying them, they are perfect for a bunch of people who write obsessivly about their lives in a public forum. But you can't say that to deranged women in Dollar Tree. I merely ignored her and her screeching. Well, I actually replied that "Yes, I can" and then walked to the check out stand to pay for my purchases, unlike the baggy clothed jackasses in hardware. The counter girl looked at me and remarked that I looked like I was going to be having some fun. "Hours of it" I replied. Which you will get only if you go to Journalcon in DC this year.

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