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2004-06-03 - 10:48 a.m.

There is nothing like an impromptu trip to Vegas to make the future seem bright. And pound in the need for quality sunglasses.

And zero balances on the credit cards. Oh yeah.

I am still working on loving and accepting the Utah Consumer. I might start a support group. That or a book club. That meets monthly on my parents Party Barge, where we can sip cocktails and discuss the merits of the latest Booker Prize winner. Far away from the automobiles that now control my life. Except for this weekend.

The funny thing about going to Vegas with people that write about their lives on the internet (and by default, yours) is that the addage about what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas comes up as false. Nothing will stay in Vegas, it will be broadcast all over the world, dissemenated by the internet and strangers can no doubt read about my quest for sausages whilst intoxicated. I hadn't really thought about that much, instead focusing on getting out for a bit. I doubt it will give me pause though. Because, well, I hardly pause to think. Which is why there are all those photos of me riding a purple gorilla out there.

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