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2004-06-15 - 7:01 p.m.

So, it's been three days since I returned from Las Vegas. Three days of letting it all catch up to me. Three days to distill everything and file it all away to the corners of my subconcious, where things like that weekend belong.

A brief list of things NOT to do in Vegas:

*Drink fountain water. It's nasty.

*Take a card from one of the hispanics lining the streets strumming them. A thousand will then descend on you and bury you in a pile of business cards with sort of nude pictures on them.

*Trust Ceaser on his menu suggestions.

*Go for a midnight walk for water while still so drunk you can barely stand for the world spinning.

Here is a brief list of things TO do in Vegas:

*Visit the Mandaly Bay spa

*Eat at the China Grille. Despite the tacky midwest name, it was the best meal of my life.

*Play the camels at the Luxor.

*Race someone home in a taxicab vs walking with a whole dollar on the line

*Mix Grey Goose and Minute Maid until you are so drunk you'll drink from the fountains at the Luxor.


There are many more things. And Ireally should try to be more clever.

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