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2004-06-21 - 9:21 a.m.

This weekend I moved out of my parents basement, thus redeeming myself in my eyes. And most likely the eyes of America. Because it's just sad to be nearly 30 and living in the parents basement. There are no extenuating circumstances for such things.

Also, if you are in fact 30 and living in your parents basement, then, well, uh. Sorry.

My weekend was too short. With the moving and Father's Day it was over before I was aware of it. It was also filled with family from all over the US because of a family reunion taking place in Yellowstone this week. The advantage to my new apartment is that it is up 3 very steep flights of stairs, which kept the octegenarians down on street level admiring the view. I had actually intended to do a slow, progessive move. But with everyone there, and under duress, I moved out. I felt a bit bad as I wasn't expecting it and thus didn't have a fridge stocked with beer and soft drinks. But it was mostly family, so it all worked out. I have to figure out a way to get my kitchen.

Also, though my personal life has begun the movie montage of getting itself back together, set to a stirring upbeat song about determination and grit, my professional life seems to be spiralling out of control. It is so damn frustrating to make a few steps forward only to be knocked back to where I started. It has been wearing me thin. I wish literally. I need to start making a stand and setting some limits. I need to get back into my golf game, as that is almost how all the business in this state is done. You meet with civic leaders, with trade accounts, with practically everyone. It's different from California where everything was done over lunch. Golf is low carb however, which is no doubt the reason for its popularity.

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