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2004-06-23 - 7:53 a.m.

Last night I was ordering take out from a dive resturaunt near my place when I noticed that they had one of those Complaint Dept, Take a Number, with a tag amusingly attached to the pin of a grenade. An old joke. And I was thinking, how amusing if in fact, the grenade was actually live, a mistake made in some vietnamese sweatshop. The resulting destruction would be regretable, but also a tiny bit justified, as anyone displaying such an item, as well as the person who is going to pull such an item, probably deserves it.

Last night I also went shopping for the various items that always come up missing when a new location is moved into. I also attempted to go beyond the Bed and Bath, but didn't make it past the Bath. At least where my purchases were concerned. There is nothing like making an apartment a home as redoing the bathroom. I have to go to Lowes this evening and pick up some paint samples. And then drown my troubles in home improvement projects.

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