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2004-06-24 - 12:04 p.m.

Last night the new menu items at Taco Bell kicked my ass. Well, more truthfully, they kicked their way out of my ass. But they were tasty. And full of potatos. Which, I think, is a sign of the low carb backlash.

Along with the Taco Bell came the watching of Simple Life Road Trip. Which I am not ashamed to admit that I watch. Because Nicole Ritchie is a slag. The rightous anger didn't sit well in my stomach however, anger and cheap psuedo mexican fare don't mix well. Okay there were donuts as well. And gelato.

I know. I'm disgusted with myself as well. I briefly considered that I had a eating disorder, but in true denial fashion, dismissed it. I do eat for comfort. And, like the psych 101 books say, to fill some void in my life. I also don't see how admitting that I have a problem would help anything, as I'm really not likely to end up in a dark basement flogging myself before strangers. Although I'd probably lose weight on a diet of guilt, bad coffee, embarrasment and cigarrettes. Or maybe it's just the alchoholics that do that. The other anonymous groups get sunny rooms, cheer, and herbal teas.

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