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2004-06-29 - 7:31 a.m.

Last night I went to pick up my Uncle from the airport. His flight was over an hour delayed and so I waited in the terminal with the other people expecting loved ones. I didn't mind so much because I like watching people. One of the flights had had a problem with the luggage somehow and there was a long line at baggage claim. It was interesting to see how people dealt with it. The ones who felt that being unpleasant and rude was a surefire way to get something vs the quiet seethers. A few people had the resigned air of acceptance. It made me glad that I'm not an airline employee. I waited next to an old couple and a young man. The old couple sat, drinking caffeine free Cokes and not saying a word, their lined faces nearly shouting about the years of comfortable silence between them. The young man was so typically Utahn, almost painfully thin in his jean shorts, button up shirt, and Doc Martin sandals with socks. He carried a red rose that he fiddled with constantly, the fern and baby's breath near wilting from his worrying. A man played with his infant daughter, who kept running towards the security checkpoint until they asked him to stop. More people arrived, some with children that at 10:30 at night I found annoying. The flight finally showed as arrived, and the baggage carousal started up, spitting out bags to an empty terminal, more luggage issues for the beleaguered office, whose line had dwindled to just a few. The foot of the escalator became the place to be, and I milled at the bottom of it with the other people. And suddenly there was life. People arriving at the base to be hugged and welcomed. The old couple met a daughter and the three of them silently went on their way. The typical Utahn turned out to be not so typical after all when he met up with a Banana Republic clad lad and his Lesbian escort. I shouldnít feel better about it, but I wasnít the only person shocked, and I would like to think that I didnít stare so much. Itís not like I havenít seen that kind of thing before. My Uncle arrived soon after and we discussed subjects that were normally off limits, like politics and the media. I was a bit fired up because I had just seen Fahrenheit 9/11, which I didnít like. I found it offensive and have no respect for Michael Moore. Rather than dwell on it all night, I took a sleeping pill once I got home and slept. It was an interesting evening.

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