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2004-07-01 - 8:09 a.m.

This morning my coffee shop was closed. It was a bit strange. They donít post their hours or anything, and it seems a bit lax on the discipline and all, but still. I was about 10 minutes later than usual and the place was locked up, dark and empty. No cars on the street. I thought of terrorists and thieves, keeping the plucky young barristas locked up in the back while they pilfered the safe and desecrated the yoga studio upstairs.

Most likely someone didnít show up for work like they were supposed to.

I was late anyway and was only going out of habit, and also because Iím trying to acclimate. To build up a relationship one cup at a time. My Starbuckís in Pleasanton gave me a farewell card and free latte coupon when I moved to downtown San Jose. Theyíd seen me just about every morning for 3 years. In San Francisco, where there are more coffee choices per square foot than any other city Iíve ever been in., I scoped out the 7 Starbucks, 2 Tullyís, the Peetís, and the 5 independents on the block where my office was and found that the Starbucks just outside my Muni stop was the best. I take my coffee very seriously. And Iím not an Only Starbucks will do person. In my opinion, the best coffee to be had in San Francisco has got to be at Been There, in the lower Haight. The barristas are cooler than anyone will ever be, but they donít look down on you for it. They just serve the coffee with a smile and not a trace of pity. Which canít be said for the Peetís.

Itís okay that I had a break in my routine. I think that Iím just missing the Starbucks. Or not the actual Starbucks, but rather, the way that Starbucks was run. The idea of Starbucks, and a place where there can be one across the street, on each corner, of a busy intersection, and still have a line out the door.

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