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2004-07-02 - 9:43 a.m.

Iím just going to start out by saying, Iím really angry. Just in general, and about things that I have no control over. That little black hole of hate threatens to suck all the life out of me leaving me an empty shell.

Oh, how very pithy.

Itís funny how I open up this white box to vent and it all gets bottled up. But thatís just the way I work. I was driving into work this morning and, to relieve some tension, was shouting profanities. Then I felt that I was most likely looking pretty silly, so I put my hands free on and pretended I was talking on the phone. Iím just tired of all the sacrifices Iím being forced to make.

I spent last night hooking up all my audio/video equipment. I canít get my speakers to work properly. I must have crossed some wires or something. Only the left side works, and then only when you turn the volume up to eleven. I was further annoyed when I discovered that my studio headphones, purchased when I was on the radio had been smashed in the move. I should get a wireless set anyway, but it was still frustrating. And part of the rage Iím feeling at the moment.

At least the coffee shop was open this morning at its usual time. I asked about yesterday and it seems they are fiddling with the hours, which is why they are not posting anything. According to the woman behind the counter (someone I had not seen before) they received a lot of feedback about yesterday and so will open by at least 7 each day. It seems the 6:30 opening was a bust. Your taxes, if you live on the west coast, are processed very near to the coffee shop, but it seems that they have a regular 9-5 except during peak tax time. Plus there is a little cafť that is closer. I just feel that they should cater to my schedule. Of course, Iím being a Utah consumer, expecting them to cater to that schedule for my dollar cup of coffee.

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