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2004-07-08 - 9:57 a.m.

Iím so very tired right now. Iíve tried water, juice, coffee, Mountain Dews Regular and Code Red, and more water. Which leads me to believe that my fatigue is in no way beverage related. Or even chemically related, as I should be bouncing off the walls instead of thinking up ways to sneak in a nap. I might try a Snicker bar later, or break into the massive box of Nerds I purchased at the gas station this morning.

The worst has not been dealing with customers, where the salesman in me whips the rest of me, not necessarily into shape, but rather a psuedo wakefulness. No, the worst is when Iím on hold for parts. The dull, subsonic thud of the generic tunes as they inform me that my call is very important to the company Iím calling just makes me check out. The next time I have insomnia I should call the Honda dealership. The song gets stuck in my head sometimes and I go around humming to myself and mentally adding the monthly service specials. It lets me get in touch with my compassionate female inner voice. I think Iíll figure out a way to incorporate a couch into the office. That way I can take catnaps in between estimates.

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