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2004-07-13 - 5:08 p.m.

I had a terrible golf game this morning. Slicing. Dicing the grass. Spilling my coffee on the practice green. Good times. I wasn't in the right frame of mind to play the game. Golf is all mental. As evident by the "athletes" that play.

I also purchased a DVD Burner today. For the home. It has a very shady past. I was not sure if I wanted to purchase it or not because of the past, but in talking it over with my moral compass we decided that if the shady past included a large retailer that we both despise than it would be "God's Will" which was, I believe, the exact terms used. And then, when I got the details as to its origins, sure enough, the large retailer that I despise was involved. Then my mother got involved, not wanting the bad karma associated near me. But it was "God's Will" and so, I ponied up. After bartering down the price a little bit. And including some money owed for a part. So, I picked it up for very little. And will now wrestle with my conscience for a little while.

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