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2004-07-15 - 10:16 a.m.

I'm fired up about political things but have absolutely no focus. I think that is no doubt the issue of many people in my position that live here. Of course, if I was able to care more then I would do something about it. So, until then, I suppose I'll just be part of the problem rather than the solution.

I've had a black Acura in my shop that has had quite the soap opera on Telemundo time of things. Well, not the car itself but rather the woman who owns the car. She likes to show up and, in her broken English make strange demands and then, when those demands are not met, cry. It's my fault, she showed up originally with the clear coat peeling off the roof of her 91 auto. She wanted it repainted for free. The dealer, it seems, would not refinish the roof under warranty. So, she brought it to me. The logic of course, being that I am a paint shop, so I must be responsible. When told that she would have to pay she threw a fit. Yelling, cursing, screaming in two languages. When I merely ignored her she turned on the water works. When that failed to yield results she left. Her husband came back in the afternoon. He tried to pretend that it was the first time the car had been in for an estimate. I considered cutting $50.00 off the price I quoted his unstable wife, but in the end just wrote it up for the same amount. Then, in a foolish act, I agreed to keep the car and paint it. And so, I pull the car into the sand line. And my preppers took off the offending clear coat and sanded the rest of the car. This was completed by Tuesday evening. Wednesday morning, she called, telling me not to do any work on the car, that she wanted to take it around, that she had found someone who could paint it cheaper. I explained to her that the car had already been prepped, and that she would have to pay for that, but I would release the car to her. She started hurling the vindictives again, telling me that I had no right to do anything to her car. Her husband didn't have the right to sign that I could work on the car, that she was going to pick it up and I wasn't getting a dime out of her. So, she showed up and went straight back to her car while a friend ran cover in the front. All the doors were closed because I had the A/C running, and the crew was standing around, in a little bit of shock, watching this woman try to figure out how to get her car out of the building. As I was walking towards her, she saw me and a look of panic came over her, she started screaming "Open the door, OPEN THE DOOR" in near hysterics towards the crew, still standing around staring at her in shock. I stood outside the door, waiting for her to do something. She eventually gave up, and came out, still crying. I had no right to hold her car ransom, I had no rights, no one told me that I could work on the car. I was thinking that I should probably call the Sheriff or perhaps the Nut House. I explained to her that I would be happy to release the car, but that she had to pay me for the prep work that I had already completed. This finally reached the top, or as far as the elevator to her mind went and she agreed to pay. I told her then that if she took the car, that I would not paint it. If that car left, it was leaving forever. This started up the water works again. As I was motioning to the shop foreman to please go call for help, the friend came into the back and escorted her out, speaking to her and holding her, as if she was leaving the gravesite of a loved one. I politely told her that going forward I would only deal with the husband. She just nodded and they left, hopefully to get some lithium. Or electro shock. Her husband picked up the car this morning, liking the work that was done and complimenting us on our handling. I explained to him that I would be getting a restraining order put out on his wife and that if I saw either him or that car again I would throw them in jail. And then out loud I explained that in the future, I would only deal with him, and that while I didnít anticipate any problems, he would need to be the one to bring the car back. He agreed. And paid (cash) and took his leave. The car shining in the dull morning light, glossy and fresh, he accelerated away and, hopefully, out of my life forever. I sent the details to all the other Maacoís in the area, and found out they had originally tried to go to a shop in Salt Lake. Who wasnít kind enough to warn anyone else. Iíll make sure not to go out to my car alone at night, and should a dead chicken end up on my doorstop Iím calling the police.

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