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2004-07-16 - 1:06 p.m.

I am a grumpy old man today. Curt, judgemental, flustered. Mostly because I'm frustrated by my lack of progress on things, and partly because everyone tells me, oh, you are doing great, quite selling yourself short, etc. It doesn't help. If anything, it makes me more annoyed.

I am well aware of what I am capable of, and damn it.

In other news I get to leave the state for 4 weeks. Go to Franchise School, where I will be taught the correct way of doing things, so that I may return and turn this shop around. I'm sure that it will be worth the time I'm gone. I'm a little concerned for how things will run with me gone. It's true that the only success this shop has had was with me at the helm. I don't have to go until Aug 9th, so that gives me a few weeks to train everyone. They way the home office is pitching it, it's like I'm going to Dagobah and completing my Jedi training. Then all I have to do is come back, kill my father, and everything will be fine in the republic. The Home Office wants him out, most likely because he runs the oldest operating center in the chain and has a franchise agreement that was chartered in the Carter Administration. And by kill, they mean retire. Which, will probably kill him. Or me, actually. He'll no doubt do fine while I worry about how to pay for his golf games and keeping my mother in Pottery Barn until they are old enough to shop at Walgreen's for all their needs.

I've managed today to stay away from the sweets and the snacks that are lying about the shop, so I'm counting it as a personal victory. Normally I'm binging on whatever I can lay my sweaty hands on when I'm in a mood like this. Or I invent reasons to leave so I can drive thru Sonic. Where, in true old man fashion, I can't find park, take an hour to get exact change, and tell bad puns to the worker in the window who just wants me out of her way.

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