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2004-07-26 - 5:40 p.m.

The wind is gusting about 60 mph outside right now, carrying dust, dirt, and detritus about in a mad dash for the hills. There is a huge following of people who are concerned about being downwind from Atomic Bomb tests in the 50ís, and I wonder if this is what the sudden windstorms where like back then. Itís hot and miserable outside, and Iím glad that Iím protected by glass and air conditioning as I wait for some late customers to arrive and receive their Prizm. They probably wonít come due to the weather, not wanting to take out their freshly restored POS in the sandblasting fury of nature. I hope this means rain.

The dust and wind are making my allergies act up. I spent the day dealing with the contractor of the building next door. It seems that my swamp coolers are leaking but my drains are plugged up, causing flooding across the property line. I kept telling him that I was merely a tenant, that I had no control over what happened with the building but I would get someone up there to see what they could do about the swamp coolers leaking. This fell on deaf ears, or perhaps he was blinded by the dollar signs swimming in front of his eyes. Regardless, itís the building contractors responsibility at this point. He gave me his card, a sticky calendar for my car, and a pencil however. Which is apparently the going rate for wasting my time all afternoon. My Coney dog was cold and my slush half melted, the bastard.

A piece of roofing just flew by. I should watch out for flying houses on my drive home.

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