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2004-07-28 - 9:32 a.m.

Hello there Chauffi Diaryland Readers! Betty here. I donít know about you, but Iím just fed up with all the doom and gloom that exists on these here pages lately, donchaknow! So I just thought that I would get on here and do something about that! What I think Chauffi needs are some hobbies. I can understand the depression and all. When I lost my Earl to the cancer, why I thought I couldnít go on. I would sit there with a cold cup of coffee at the breakfast nook, the non-dairy creamer sitting like mold on the top and just stare into space. But I dragged myself out of that. I started up the Mall Walking again and my quilting and now Iím just as busy as a beaver. I donít have time to be depressed anymore. I sold that clunker of an RV that Earl insisted we needed and used the money to start up scrap booking. Even bought myself a digital camera and this here computer. Now Iím the ďofficialĒ photographer at all our reunions and family events. I donít trust the grandkids, most of their shots look like someone with palsy took them. I shouldnít say things like that. My good friend Ann has palsy and a couple of us take turns driving her to Dennyís once a week for breakfast and talk. Anyhoodle, Iíll be doing some things around here to cheer it up a bit. I mean, these colors have got to go. Weíll get some Precious Moments prints or inspirational kittens or something. Iím so glad I took that night class down at the senior center. Oh, look at the time! Iíve got to get on over to the Ross, itís senior day and we get an extra 10% off. Thereís some kulats Iíve had my eye on and I would just bet that bitch Ronda who tries to fit into the same size as me would scoop them up.

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