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2004-07-31 - 3:24 p.m.

Today was my first Saturday off in a very long time. And I have had an agenda all day. Which I threw out the window by sleeping in.

I went to the Farmer's Market and Street Fair they hold every Saturday, enjoyed a cup of coffee, wrote some in my journal, enjoyed the morning. It was very pleasant.

Then I went up to my parents to help set up for my sisters farewell party. She has joined the Peace Corps and will be spending the next year in East Timor. So, we are having a garden party for her and her friends to send her off. I'm in charge of beverages so I went about helping the cleaning service and setting up my bar and such. The party isn't until tomorrow but we believe in being prepared. I'm mixing mostly vodka drinks, I made a gallon of Cosmo Mix, but I'll also be serving 747's, Sloe Gin Fizzes, and pretty much whatever anyone wants with the stuff on hand. It's going to be nice.

My sister and I are a lot alike. Which we probably would be loathe to admit in public (as, you know, opposed to this very private forum I'm typing into) It's going to be hard on my parents. She stayed at home while the rest of my siblings and I fled first the nest, then the state. She manages them both very well, and it's going to be hard for me to step into that role. But I suppose I'll have to. I worry what not having any children in the house will do to their relationship. Will they be able to adapt? Will they grow closer? It's not my place to worry, but I do. With my other sister's wedding coming up, it's going to be a different next 6 months. I feel very lucky to have the family I have, and can't comprehend families that are not close. I don't like all my family, but I know them, I'm in some way involved with thier lives. They will, for the most part, all be there tomorrow, and I'll have to put up with the jabs for returning to this state, to the catching up of various cousins around the world, and could I please put another splash of gin in this tonic, what? You hoarding the bottle?

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