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2004-08-05 - 12:41 p.m.

Like a child shouting Are we there yet? over and over, my secretary grates on my nerves. Sheís my cousin, and works for practically nothing, so there is little that I can do. Even my passive aggressive moves have had little to no effect. She beams, she chats with customers about our family business, and threatens to get my grandfather involved, which is amusing only in that it reflects the familyís attitude that he is still in control of the family business, a fallacy that, upon his death, will no doubt cause some issues. Itís a power thing. This is my place and I donít like sharing it. Itís not a family business, itís my business. Granted, it was given to me, but I havenít drowned it yet. Yes, we happen to have DNA in common, but that only means it will confuse the CSI people when Iím implicated but eventually acquitted in her untimely demise. Of course Iím betting on the fact that CSI: Ogden would not have the rabid following of other cities. I donít like having my decisions questioned, analyzed against what granddad would do (WWGD) and no doubt reported back to the cabal of Auntís that make everyoneís life miserable. Iím a private person, despite this public forum I post online. I also donít like to mull over things, to discuss emotional events and have cathartic sharing. Itís not my style or my nature. I keep things close. And thatís also part of the problem. She, like most of the rest of the family wants to gossip about things until itís been talked around to the point where we are now the victims instead of pieces of the issue.

I obviously create these issues for myself. Back in my corporate manager days I had my share of bad employees. The upside to all that was the round after round of layoffís that I used to cull my herd, and then, rather unfortunately, the wheat got taken with the chaff, to stretch the metaphor. Iíve actually been working out a plan for it all. I just canít afford it, Iíll say, concern in my beard. I know itís not much, but at this point, well, itís the only option I can see. Iíve already cut her hours down to just a few days a week, and I know that Iíll get some flack for that, or more likely, my father will. But he wonít take her. Because he doesnít want someone asking him Watcha doin? Watcha doin? Didja watch the Simple Life? Watcha doin? I donít blame him. If it keeps up, I might respond to her, Why are you so quiet? with BECAUSE I HATE YOU. And deal with the family fall out.

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