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2004-08-17 - 8:22 p.m.

I have been far too irritable these past couple of days. I've done all my old mental health tricks, coffee shop sitting, mass consumerism (and this time on a scale that previously was unheard of), eating Totino Pizza's in my underwear while watching movies from Hong Kong (So Close is still a favorite though it just doesn't win against Tokyo Raiders) I suppose it's just pre Journalcon stress. Or rather the stress from leaving this business behind, when I don't feel comfortable or confident that it will go on gamely without me. I have fears that once I depart the state on Thursday night it will fade to a black and yellow grid as it no longer senses a human being in the room. And nothing will be accomplished. And that's just a really dorky way of explaining something. So, yeah. Sorry about that.

In other news, they film the television show Everwood in my town, actually on the street where I live, so this afternoon at lunch when I ran home for an errand I had to prove to an overzealous rent-a-cop that I wasn't some starfucker out to gaze at the famous people (because you know, Treat Williams can't get his peace from his adoring fans or anything) but that I did, in fact, have legitimate business. I wasn't even near the fake Everwood Station, just the staging area for the crew. It seems that this will be a regular occurance, as I understand that the show is going to continue. Ah well, perhaps I'll tune into TWOP to see what's going on. It seems less painful than actually watching.

Well, I'm off to activate my .mac account, and figure out how to get my iDisk to work. Hopefully I'll also be able to download some sort of software patch to improve my mood.

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