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2004-08-19 - 10:55 a.m.

This morning while getting ready for work, nothing went right. Nothing. I couldnít find my glasses or keys, I couldnít locate my wallet, and the clock was in some sort of hyperspeed mode that halved the number of seconds in any given minute. I finally gave up on the search and raced up my parents, where I had been the night before doing laundry, and managed to retrieve my wallet. No phone or glasses. In a really bad mood I left the house, threw on the iPod and suddenly, everything was all right. It seemed to sense my mood and the shuffle songs started playing my favorite Toy Dolls song, then went to some Killers, a Joe Jackson cover of Happy Loving Couples by Guttermouth. It almost mistepped with Blink 182ís I miss you, but recovered with Tha Thoing by R Kelly. What was a high school crush on my iPod is now full blown passion. Iím stalking her. Yes her. Because Iím not comfortable with any other pronoun, based on my current feelings. This will no doubt piss off the ďFamily CarĒ constituency. I had peace, I had calm, and I had music. She knew my mood and counterbalanced it with music. I found myself actually wanting to extend my commute, to see where this musical progression would go. Iím currently searching through the Greek Tragedies for a name. I ended up naming my Powerbook Antigone though it was a close call between that and Cassandra. I liked the irony of being cursed with knowing what was going to happen but have no one believe you. It seemed a fitting name for a Mac. But, Antigone is my favorite Greek heroine, and I love the line, the public agrees with what she did, itís just that SHE did it. Thatís paraphrased a bit, but I feel it makes for a fitting Mac name. In going with that theme I was going to name the iPod Ismene, but she was too passive, to status quo. Medea seemed like a good alternative but I donít know. Perhaps itís just the Olympic fervor that is going on, my friend Shannon suggested a baby name book. Maybe Iíll go to B&N at lunch. I got to the shop, 15 minutes late, it seems that the hypertime phenomenon was reversed on the trip and I made up for the futile searching at the apartment. My mother brought me my glasses and phone, reconnecting me to the world with both site and sound and I gracefully allowed my peace and calm to be shattered by the myriad things that were done wrong my absence. The great thing is I have the drive home now to rediscover it again. Iím hoping to get a lot done this evening to finalize my trip to DC. I have put off packing, and with the swag and the other items Iíve been assigned I donít have enough room for a lot of necessities, like shoes and things. Iím sure that once I get there all this fuss will fade into the background, most likely after my first cocktail. And the most of DC that I will be seeing will be the porcelain bowls, much like Austin. (I originally typed restrooms, but that really gave the wrong impression) But maybe thatís what this weekend is all about.

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