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2004-08-20 - 9:08 a.m.

Getting to the airport this morning was a kerfufle (which I don't have any idea where I picked that word up, or even where it comes from but I'm using it often and find with each use I like it more and more, like the new Badly Drawn Boy cd) with me sleeping through much of my alarm (stupidly I had chosen Ben Kweller to wake me, and he couldn't wake an insomniac. Which, is NOT how it should be at 3 o'clock in the morning) and then going to the Delta ticket counter when I should have gone to Northwest. I hate paper tickets. But it all worked out, and I asked the counter about the flight and though I don't have the mileage points anymore, I still managed to secure myself the upgrade. It was a full flight, said the agent, consultant his computer which looks like something out of the 70's with it's multi colored keyboard, and I was a T class ticket. He couldn't upgrade me at that level and it would be $74.00 to get me to.... at that point I had already handed him my debit card. I had 20 minutes to get through a security line full of weekend SouthWest travelers but my freshly upgraded ticket put me in the status line and I made the flight with plenty of time to spare, collapsing into my window seat. I prefer an aisle, but it would definitely do much better than lonely 23C. And so I spent my flight in Business Casual, sipping my coffee with Bailey's and discussing my iPod with the German stewardess. I miss this white collar world, where my fingernails do not have paint and dust under them and are easy to keep clean. It was easy to slip back into the simple confidence with which I navigated it before. Already I'm on Vacation from my life and it's a far distance from this morning when I was flustered and in a hurry and even after a smint my mouth tasted like I'd been rimming hookers in a Bangladesh Brothel with Pep-O-Mint sphincters. Which, might actually replace kerfufle in my heart.

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