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2004-08-21 - 9:14 a.m.

Dear God, I drank too much last night. These Journalcon's are really just excuses for me to get alcohol poisoning I think.

But this morning, though hung-over and tired, I managed to get a fresh Hardee's Biscuit. I tried several varieties and have to say, good. I actually can't think of anything appropriate so I'll go for generics. The Hardee's in DC is actually inside the Greyhound Station and was an adventure in itself. I'm so not impressed with the level of service here. It's wrong when the Homeless people are nicer than the person that is serving you Biscuits in a Bus Station. Well, maybe there really isn't something wrong with that. Even the Starbuck's had crap service, and it's a Starbuck's. I mean, come on. They are standard the world over, or at least, I thought they were.

I'm not naming names, mostly because I can't find the links, or rather, I'm too lazy to get the links, and perhaps also because it's part of the non-disclosure agreement I signed with XXXXXXXX when we found that XXXXXXXXXX in XXXXXXXXXXX while XXXXXXXXXXXX cheese.

So, I suppose I should get back out there.

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