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2004-08-22 - 1:18 a.m.

I had a bad night. I really shouldn't be typing about it at this point because it would only serve to annoy me more. And I only want fond memories, happy memories. I think I had a bad night because I was completely shitfaced at 5pm, and then proceeded to lose track of time until 9pm, when I managed to show up on the street corner outside the place where alleged karaoke was to take place. After a 7-11 hot dog to fortify myself and a large water, plus a rather passionate discussion about shoes with Mare about shoes, and some inapropriate Panda posing for Jesse I felt rather ready to tackle something. But when we arrived at the bar, there was nary a microphone nor drunk bride to be slaughtering the Rose. It seemed there was all sorts of confusion and so I tuned it out, thinking erroneously that it would all sort itself out quickly. 3 Hours later and still a microphone had yet to appear. Fed up, I walked the lovely Laura (who is Mare's friend and I have no idea if she has a site or not) back to the Hotel and then agreed to meet up at a dance club with Weetabix and her lovely friend Mary Kay. Like the makeup and pretty without the pink. That plan proved to be a bust as there was no dancing to be had, but instead a drag revue was in full swing, well, not really swing, as I'm sure there was duct tape involved. Or is that just an urban legend? Not that it matters. It was a bizarre specatacle and I was quit happy when Weet walked in the door. A few more, uh, contestents? and we were both ready to go and thus we took an expensive 4 block cab ride and I find myself here, typing into the window and unsure if it's enough to make me sleep or not.

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