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2004-09-05 - 8:18 p.m.

Iím sick. Which is pissing me off. Itís a three-day weekend. And Iíve spent the past day and a half of it trying to avoid the hellish tunnel of pain that my throat has become. This morning my tongue decided that it had had enough and was doing its best to merge with the roof of my mouth. Or maybe there was something unwholesome going on up there, I'm not sure. Regardless, the sound of me unsticking that tongue was eerily reminiscent of velcro.

Also, Alka Seltzer cold and flu in the Honey Orange flavor is the most disgusting thing on the planet. Citrus isnít any better. They belong to the old adage that medicine should not taste good; otherwise youíll want to take it. I switched from that to dissolving two aspirin in a tablespoon of warm water then swallowing that. The aspirin went straight to the throat and actually worked better.

I miss Kaiser. I miss it with every painful swallow and sinus headache. I was microwaving some water for tea, and like I always do, thought about the lady that had it flash boil on her, spilling out all over her hands requiring surgery, grafts, etc. I usually boil my water in a kettle because of that story. (Which reminds me, Parents, never underestimate the power you have over your children. Especially when they are 10 and want to microwave water. Especially since, you know, the gas burner is SO much safer) And so I was extra careful and kept the water level low. Because I canít afford new hands on my salary.

Itís not all bad. Iím actually at my parents recuperating. They came and picked me up this afternoon. They are definitely feeling the empty nest syndrome with my sister gone to East Timor. Three weeks alone and they are hijacking me back. Iím getting my laundry done though, and I am being waited on. Itís probably better than wallowing in pain and self pity in my loft. Plus, they have cable. And DSL.

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