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2004-10-12 - 10:23 p.m.

I seem to be a touch over franchised. A type of corporate Stendhal Syndrome that leaves me tired and aloof in my hotel room at night, good only to watch television. I have become addicted to The Apprentice, even watching the reruns on CNBC, watching for missing nuance and subtext. On a fucking reality television show.

Perhaps it is just my time away from home, being adrift and living off take out, mad dashes to public monuments, and a steady diet of corporate education. I should be glad that the mental toll has been as light as it has. Iím looking forward to going home in two days, though to what is the bigger question. None of it seems familiar or comfortable to me, there is no nostalgia towards my loft or my car, or even my clothes. I have not missed them. Or rather, not on insomniatic nights in Pennsylvania when the sheer frustration of not sleeping drives me from the hotel bed into the white update box and leaves me feeling more frustrated for doing so.

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