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2004-10-21 - 6:04 p.m.

Well, today I went Commando. Not intentionally, it just sort of happened. I know that it seems almost impossible to forget to wear underpants, but it really does happen. And not just in Penthouse Forum Letters.

I was rushing to get ready this morning in the cold, and I had to get some things from the dryer down the hall. Outside my loft, down the hall. Intendending to grab a warm snuggle soft pair of boxers as opposed to the frigid pair residing in my drawer, I threw on my khakis and bolted to get them. Then I folded the laundry, finished getting dressed, went to Starbuck's and got a tea, and arrived at work ready to go, well, sort of ready to go. Actually, no, ready to GO. It was at work that I noticed a rather, free motion and a semi-tantalizing sensation in my nether regions. And then realization popped on like a lightbulb over my head and the the zipper teeth on my khakis kept chuckling to themselves and whispering to my bait and tackle, fall into THIS bitch. I didn't have enough time to run over to buy a new pair, and I couldn't face the irrational fear of my zipper, so I took a piece of two inch masking tape and attached it to my zipper, an awkward vision should I have been discovered groping about my crotch with masking tape by any employees. I imagine they could make a workman's comp claim on that. And win. Lucky for me however, no one trickled in while I was arranging myself. And so I went about my day sans underwear, a spring in my step, and tape in my pants. One of my employee's mentioned my good mood to me and I chuckled to myself and went about my managing.

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