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2004-11-16 - 3:07 p.m.

I have eaten no carbs today. None. I was snacking on Laughing Cow and Salami, which sounds dirtier written down than it did in my head, and just never got around to finding some crackers or a baguette to place them on. Laughing Cow always reminds me of Germany, and the strange breakfasts there. It was a bit strange to be taken back to my gasthaus in Hof while shoving the slices of salami and cheese in my mouth as quickly as possible before the next customer arrived.

I didn't set out this morning to have an Atkins kind of day, it just sort of happened. I'm searching for the greater meaning while trying to steer clear of any double entendres concerning protien and salami. Thus far, I've not been succesful.

It's actually been a day of failures, mostly on my own goals that I set for myself, small benchmarks to allow not only some structure, but also some sense of accomplishment for the day. It seems that even though I set the bar as low as possible, that was actually aiming a little too high. I look back on it and wonder not only where the time went so quickly, but where was I while it was passing? At least it seems that I'm not alone. Most of my failures are actually because I needed some parts delivered, or a crew member did not show up. But it still is frustrating. Or maybe the universe is taunting me. The parts guy that is ALWAYS here before 11am shows up at 2:30 with apologies that he forgot to stop on his way up to Idaho. Parts out of stock. Sick children and late starts. Insurance Adjusters who are on their own schedules. I suppose that I should just let it go, move on, not let it get to me, or even learn a valuable lesson that can be summed up nicely on a Succesorie poster, a photo of an ant carrying a bean or something 8 times its tiny size and ADMINISTRATION or some other word in big bold letters emblazened all over. Or maybe Bee's, with the buzzing and the chaos and the one Bee that knows everything and can direct. Not that it really matters. Tomorrow will be a fresh start, and will mark the middle of the week, which is the beginning of the end. And I think I'll just set that bar on the ground and try not to trip as I step over it.

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