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2004-11-25 - 2:39 p.m.

I hate the holidays. I really do. It's the two times a year that I just can't handle the stress and the fact that no matter how hard I try it's not going to be perfect. I have no control over people and the events and it drives me nuts.

Today, I'm dealing with it worse than normal. It's because everything else in my life is a little bit out of control, so it makes the chaos of Thanksgiving all the more trying. Last year I avoided it all together, spending the time with some coworkers and it was probably my favorite Thanksgiving. I didn't have to worry about anything, just show up with my side dish and bottle of alchohol and everything was fine. There was no family crap going on, no drama, just people gathered together. Of course, it could have been the bottle of gin I consumed, but it was a very relaxing Thursday.

I should move thousands of miles away from my family, I am a touch envious of my sisters, who this year find themselves all over the globe. One is having turkey with the Ambassador to the country she is stationed in while the other is hosting all her friends to a Tiki themed dinner. While my third sister is sitting down to a lavishly catered tented event in Sacramento perhaps I will give thanks that they are away to experience the holiday without the usual crap that goes down whenever my father's family gets together.

This year we are taking a page from some better living magazine (probably Martha or Sunset) and putting slips of paper with what we give thanks for written on them into the centerpiece. During desert they will be pulled and read. In theory this sounds like a pleasant way for a family to connect. In reality, I'm expecting the worse. I have already alerted my parents to the fact that if the party games come out, well, then I'm leaving.

So, Happy Thanksgiving. My aunt just showed up, which means the rum is here and I best grab my shot while its flowing. Cheers.

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