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2004-12-01 - 8:20 a.m.

It's snowing right now, little tiny crystals of water dancing on the wind. Which sounds like a freshman hack trying to impress a teacher in Creative Writing. I was hoping for a moment that it was ash, and that there had been a massive explosion, and that the world was ending before my very eyes. But then, I would have probably felt that. Besides, I don't think the world is going to just explode like that. It will be a more subtlen and insidious ending, that will no doubt be lost on humanity because Fox News will probably refuse to cover it as it conflicts with the current political agenda.

I'm stymied at the moment, and in a really foul temper. Which I'm hiding by being pleasant and drowning in Peppermint Mocha. Eventually one will give out, and then I pity the fools around when it does. Or probably not. I'll just resort to muttering gibberish in the corner and spouting random babble until they haul me off to some psych ward and misdiagnose me with schizophrenia. Judging from Law and Order, it's really easy to do. And the schizophrenics get the best drugs.

Lucky schizophrenics.

Of course, they also usually end up homeless and delusional, writing conspiracy theories down using ink distilled from their own urine.

Lucky schizophrenics.

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