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2004-12-02 - 8:39 a.m.

As a brief note to my two readers, Yes, I believe the cupidity worked. Or at least, they are not talking about it, per my request.

Also, it's very cold this morning. And I had microwave pizza for breakfast.

Was that a Bingo I heard from Canada? Let me see your card, yep, uh huh, yes, all right, oh, I'm sorry, you've incorrectly marked the square Hummel Figurines, that square was cleared in the aught three game. Here's your score card back, have a mimosa.

This evening I have a meeting in Salt Lake, which will be my second trip South in as many days. Last night I went to the airport and then to dinner. Tonight it's to discuss advertising and other issues. There will be a sandwich platter, I'm sure. I didn't read the business book, one of the Covey tomes that will make you a better person/employer/family member. I have it somewhere. I just never got around to reading it. I'm not a fan of Mr. Covey. I used to know someone who worked for him, she designed the planner inserts. She was always very quiet about the company, whether out of fear or loathing, I'm not sure. She did, however, have very effective habits, so perhaps it's merely one of those who can't teach type of deals. I also can't stand those Succesorie posters with the inspirational photo and pithy saying that line the walls of every insurance office and break room in America.

Well, I've given Wendy enough rope to hang me with now, assuming the tree isn't too tall.

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