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2004-12-14 - 11:19 a.m.

Last night I spent the evening cleaning up the spyware and adware that had infected my parents computer causing it to run very, very slowly and choked off their cable internet connection. It took me about 4 hours.

Those –ware programs are crafty. Which is why I’m glad I have a Mac. Actually, I’m glad I have a Mac for many, many reasons. Not the least is that it makes me cool. Just watch the OC.

I don’t watch the OC. Okay, I watched the episode with the Killers in it, well, just the part with the Killers in it. And it was only because I have a friend who was an extra in the crowd and I was looking for her. And no, I’m not defensive at all about it.

It still continues to be slow, and thus I furloughed half my employee’s yesterday, putting them on a “Call In” status that I hope to reverse soon. I’ve also stopped hiding in the office and have made it more of a point to get out there and crack the whip and generally guide this sinking ship of a business towards a rocky shoal, where I hope we can be marooned and then move to the deserted island where we will build a house in the trees and defend ourselves from Pirates. Who are angry because I stole their pet monkeys to paint cars. Actually, I wouldn’t have a problem hiring monkeys, especially if I got to train them like in the Planet of the Apes movie, with the shocking and the repetitive tasks. That was such a stupid movie. Perhaps I can just train my remaining employees that way, with shock collars. The job market locally is such that I could probably get away with it.

Aah, respect and understanding is the foundation with which this business is built.

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