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2004-12-15 - 10:51 a.m.

This morning I had flavored coffee and a bag of Doritos for breakfast. Itís such the breakfast of champions. I might follow it up with some M&Mís and who knows what levels Iíll sink to then. Probably a Banquet Fish Fry meal or something. Itís just that kind of day. I at a lot of carbs last night, and so should have plenty of energy and drive this morning. I also got in a full 8 hours of sleep. I should, but I donít. Perhaps it was the coffee and Doritos that did me in.

This morning a flatbed pickup dropped its load of pipe in front of the shop, tying up traffic. I should have sent someone outside with a giant sign that read Free Estimates While You Wait or Paint Sale or something. But I didnít. I merely gawked from inside the warmth and comfort of my office while they frantically tried to clear up the mess. They managed to get everything off the ground and back in the truck before any police arrived, so they probably saved themselves a ticket, although it looks like they didnít secure the load before creeping off up the street, so Iím imagining it happened again further on. That was my little bit of excitement this morning. Oh, and the rug guy came and replaced the mats! My life is so full.

This morning was apparently Freak Show Wednesday, I kept waiting for someone to bite the head off a live chicken. I would have volunteered to be the chicken, but then the shop would be left rudderless in this storm. I followed up my breakfast with Pop Tarts and Mountain Dew for lunch. My mother was supposed to drop me by a sandwich, but she never did show, and has now turned off her cell phone. Probably because sheís leaving a strewn path of broken commitments behind her as she has lunch and views Finding Neverland with her friends.

This morning I was depressive and moped about. This afternoon Iím full of anxious energy thatís ruining any chance for peace. I feel like a walking Eminem song, only not so lyrical. Or full of metaphor. Which I think makes me a Good Charlotte song, and that just about MAKES my day. If I didnít have to be in the office I would be hiding out in the back, hitting my head against the wall and enjoying how the pain slowly numbs away into obscurity until I stop the rhythmic pounding and it hurts because Iím not hitting my head.

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