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2004-12-16 - 2:33 p.m.

This morning, while maneuvering a semi truck through the building, one of my employees was struck by it. Luckily, no one was injured, the person operating said truck slipped their foot from the clutch and it surged forward into the employee sweeping. Why he was close enough to get hit by a 12 Ton truck is beyond me, but then, Iím sure the department of workforce services hears such things all the time.

Iím actually glad that nothing happened, mainly because I just passed an OSHA inspection, and Iíd rather not go through another one. While a on the job accident resulting in death is (obviously) traumatic, itís less expensive and carries with it less paperwork than say a permanently disabling. That carries an annual deductible.

Back in my former life, when I was in the white collar world and didnít have to worry about semi trucks running over employees, I considered such knowledge amusing but pointless. While a paper jam can get tricky, I was always more concerned about sexual harassment and the like. It seems that my replacement had to deal with someone using a camera phone to take nude pictures of people in the Menís locker rooms, leading up to a ban on electronic devices inside. Iím very glad to have dodged that bullet. No doubt it was full of meeting after meeting, while dealing with angry people with too much money and too few hobbies that wanted a little spice in their life. Of course, if it stopped just one geriatric old fool from drying himself off with a hair dryer, then it might have been worth it.

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