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2005-01-03 - 4:23 p.m.

Iíve been eating Danish Butter Cookies and drinking coffee all day long, so Iím currently surfing a sugar/caffeine high that will no doubt crash and burn at around 5:30 this afternoon, leaving me worthless and quivering in the corner. I hope to stave off a particularly nasty burn with some water, which Iíve just switched too.

Butter Cookies are delicious. As is coffee. Perhaps Iíll just switch back and ignore the sugar headache and the fact that Iíll soon grow to such a density that I will attract small objects and perhaps affect the tides. Should you read in the paper that there was massive flooding in the Salt Lake vicinity, well, just blame it on the DBCís.

I would love to be anywhere but here today. In fact, I would love to be skiing. Last night some friends had brought over a CD containing their snow day fun, and I was hit with a pang of longing for tired, aching limbs and frozen toes. I want powder bruises and a burned nose. My sister is coming this weekend, so maybe Iíll go with her and the fiancť and just blow off work this Saturday. Sorry, Closed for Ski Season! Iíll have, cheerily placed on the windshield and screw the angry phone calls our closed for whatever reason signs usually generate. Because people, well, thatís a dead horse Iíve been hitting for a very long time now.

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