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2005-01-24 - 7:37 p.m.

I was talking with a friend about Sundance tonight, and I'm starting to get excited about it. Not because of the films, but because we can sit somewhere and mock the pretentious people from LA being seen.

Perhaps my prioirties are a bit skewed. But I don't mind.

That said, I baked myself some chicken for dinner tonight. And made a baked potato. This is my beautiful life. I have a few Netflix to watch, and the rest of Season 2 of Alias. I also have laundry to do. And I'm tempted to take it down to the laundromat and let the scent of fabric softener and Tide bring me to a zen like peace amidst the rumble of dryers and linolium. There are also a few things that I need to pick up for the weekend, but lately I've developed an aversion to the Gap that I haven't managed to understand at this point. Yes, it's true. The Gap and I are currently on hiatus. And no, it's not Angelina Jolie's fault.

That was just stupid. I apologize.

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