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2005-01-25 - 8:09 a.m.

This morning I thought it was snowing. But it wasn't. The air was frozen and falling out of the sky.

It is very cold. Like abandon the country and head to Mexico cold. Though not the chill of bitter irony cold. Or the faux Dick Cheney running the country cold.

The weather is making for a slow week, I'm thinking. It's been very overcast and ugly about due to an inversion. First the flooding in Southern Utah, now the inversion. It seems Utah might not actually be the place anymore. Unless you are an aspiring filmaker or film industry person, and that's this week only. After Sunday night it just becomes just another ski place. My shop manager keeps hinting that I should get out there and hit up the car lots for some trade business, and he is probably right. But it's in the 20's out there. And it's humid. Which makes it worse. Plus, I don't want to do it. I hate dealing with Car Lots. I'm just not that good at the wheeling and dealing. I had one guy tell me that I wrote his estimate too fast, and that I had to be overcharging. And they lie. I can get it done down the street for half that. And then they don't come back, because they have pride and have backed themselves into a corner, caught in a lie. Or so I imagine. Maybe the guy down the street is doing them for half that. It's frustrating. But then, that's one of the tenants of small business ownership.

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