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2005-01-29 - 12:41 a.m.

Hal Hartley is the genius at whose alter I would like to worship. I would like to sit down and study plot, film, score, and photography with him.

Also, that french girl from Amelie is too cute for words and should be disfigured in some way before she steals the heart of the world. I fear it might already be too late.

I missed the Greg Araki movie starring Elizabeth Shue. So, there will probably be no more Shue Sightings. Tomorrow (or actually, today, in a few hours) I have big plans that involve Shorts, a discussion panel with a filmmaker, and another documentary. Plus coffee. Starbuck's coffee is everywhere, as they are a sponsor. Including people with large backpacks of the stuff wandering around. This morning for Film Church, a gathering of people to hear the gospel of film, it was strong enough to beat espresso I felt. It leaves me jittery and with an insanely full bladder by the end of a showing. It's also not as celebrity heavy as I would have imagined. But the pretentious black wearing people are out in droves. And that one guy in every class you took in college that asked the stupid questions that wasted everyone's time? He's here as well. In line. Right behind me.

But I'm having a good time. And at the end of the day (or the following morning) that's all that really matters I think.

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