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2005-01-29 - 2:28 p.m.

There are so many people connected through the public wi-fi server that it's currently crawling like 14.4 dial up.

But I'm cooler than most of them because I'm on a mac. And that's important today, or at least, it seems more important today. There are more tourists here on the weekend than there were the other two days. More annoyances as well.

This morning I attended a short film program that was full of excellent examples of what I really should be doing with my life. And there was one lesbian film that I had to keep myself in check for. It was, allegedly, a drama about a real life event of being dumped by ones girlfriend to marry a man and getting beaten up by the police on the same day. There was a lot of rage in that film. And I did my best not to laugh all the way through. There were bull dykes, gangsta chickas, bad dye jobs, beat poetry, and a whole lot of metaphor. I keep seeing the producer and cast wandering around the festival this afternoon.

I'm very glad I came this year. That I didn't just stick to Ogden and the fauxstival they have there. I'm glad that I got to see Elizabeth Shue and Greg Araki on my first night. I came to Sundance because my friends wanted to, and I come away from Sundance inspired. All my education, and my ideas, can maybe finally find the confidence to be married together.

(insert mawkish yet inspiring message about the journey being as important as the dream/goal here)

I should probably go pick up some souvenirs before my final showing.

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