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2005-02-13 - 10:46 a.m.

My mother has been out of town this week and I have been bonding with my father. It's all been very Hallmark of us, with a Basektball Game, Church Services, taking lunch to my Grandfather at the home where my Grandmother is. I should probably get us some matching hats or something.

I have been working on my atitude per the request of my parents, and I suppose that it is working. My mother would also like me to join Weight Watchers with her so that we could provide the other with moral support, or perhaps physical restraint. And i have agreed, though with reservations. She's also going to Curves, my sisters impending nuptials throwing her into a panic of Must Lose Weight! I myself can't summon the need to care, but I've gone along with all the diet frenzy in order to not make waves. Also, I'll be getting a brand new camera out of the deal in order to film the impending nuptials, so I'm not going to rock the boat. If this means weight watchers and pretending to be happy, well, then that's the price I'll pay. And who knows, it might actually turn into something.

Partly as a joke, and partly because I was curious how it would work out, I emailed the pope this weekend asking for a dispensation for Lent in order to fully enjoy the regional Wisconsin cuisine for the Bad Bar Weekend. I'm all excited to see if/when I get a reply. Because it would make a good party anecdote. I feel a touch guilty because I'm a totally lapsed Catholic, but still.

So much for my exciting life. I didn't give up anything for Lent. Not that it's too late or anything. I didn't go to services on Ash Wednesday, although I have been doing the fasts. I also didn't take communion this morning, which I'm sure caused some discussion while my various aunts drove home. I just wasn't in the mood. It's interesting, because I can't just take communion, I have to be in the right frame of mind and ready and accepting. It's quite the solemn ritual for me. No doubt tying back to my Perochial Schooling. And it's really just Lent that I revert to my Catholic beginnings. The rest of the year I'm, I don't know, liberally agnostic or something. But these 40 days are somehow different.

I would probably enjoy a discussion group or bible study this time of year, however, I have never found a group study that wasn't full of "born again" people that can't objectivley study anything biblical and the whole take it on faith arguement and I have never really seen eye to eye. And so,instead of examining my faith or lack thereof, I will instead internalize it after Lent, where I will again take it out of the box, dust it off, and use it.

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