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2005-02-16 - 1:53 p.m.

The universe hates me. I've come to this conclusion because today:

The office furniture that I ordered a month ago finally arrived, and it was the wrong color. In order to correct this problem I have to refuse shipment, await for an approval, then they will credit my credit card. In the meantime, I re-ordered the correct furniter (it was a shipper error, not an order error) and they have charged my card AGAIN. This took several hours of phone calls and visits to Office Max. Bastards.

I saw a woman screaming Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up at a Down Syndrome boy in a school uniform with a name badge that said, Hello! My name is Kirby. He was crying. She was screaming. The i in Kirby had a smily face to dot it.

An elderly woman had made some sort of error in judgement regarding her left hand turn onto Main St and thus had collided with a semi truck. This blocked the intersection for some time. And there were people pulling over to watch the events unfold.

The return policy in Target is, at most times, an easy and carefree thing, even without a receipt. However, if you purchased something the night before, paid cash, and are returning it with a reciept, Jill in Layton seems to think that something shifty is going on and that the manager should really be consulted. This is the second time the Layton Target has been rude to me. The Layton Target is now dead to me. Especially since the woman in front of me managed to return an opened video game. Opened Video Game, without a reciept.

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